Esse quam videri.

To be rather than to seem to be rather than to seem to be rather than to seem.

By Sanjay Kannan
So what is Skalon?


Hey there! I'm Sanjay pronounced-like-Jason-with-the-syllables-switched Kannan. I study Computer Science and German at Stanford University, and I supposedly run this site. Most of the time I have no idea what to do with this domain name, so I hide my insecurity behind self-deprecating humor and postmodern absurdity. I used to attend this school and these institutions as well.

In 2015, I was an #intern at #Twitter, where I managed not to get #fired from my first #adult #job. A year later, I worked on the singularity at Google Research. I most recently hacked on some compilers at Two Sigma, but you probably know me best as the sole proprietor of Crappy Bird.

Here's my up-to-date (?) résumé.
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