Esse quam videri.

A personal soapbox and maker blog with musings on anything I feel like trolling or otherwise ranting about.

By Sanjay Kannan
So what is Skalon?

  1. Pitching About Stuff

    I guess I finally bit the bullet [where did that expression come from] and started posting to this sewer of a blog I have here. But without your help, I can't keep up a regular posting schedule. Here are a bunch of articles or series I'm planning to write; if…

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  2. Rebooting Again

    For only the fiftieth time in Skalon's history, I've switched to a new blogging platform. What I'll officially tell you is that I'm going with the most mature CMS based on the Markdown spec, which seems to be all the rage these days. What I'll reluctantly admit in hushed tones…

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